Saturday, April 18, 2009

Factory Built Homes

For those people who're interested in making their home construction projects more eco-friendly, but who aren't quite willing, or perhaps adventurous enough to move away from the more traditional forms of home construction, the prospect of ready-to-assemble "factory built" homes may be an effective way to make the transition into sustainability. 

"Factory built" means that the structure is fully designed and manufactured in a factory prior to assembly at the construction site. By doing so, the amount of waste resulting from the manufacturing and construction of a housing project can be reduced by as much as 70%! Also, the fact that the home is designed and manufactured at one site helps to ensure that everything used in the construction, and the home's plans will all fall within the specific building restrictions for the given area. The precision allowed by this process helps ensure highly efficient insulation of the home, which also greatly reduces the amount of heating/air conditioning needed to regulate the climate of the home, thus further reducing the impact of living within it. 

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